it's a happy new year.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

ah, another year gone by.

we've been unbelievably blessed.

i have to share this funny story though.  

a great way to start 2010, 5:30 in the morning.

put the kids to bed EARLY new year's eve while my hubbie slaved away in the kitchen (refer to images,) preparing this AMAZING meal for the two of us to enjoy over a bottle(s) of wine, in PEACE & QUIET.  amazing.

i'm sorry, but that's the way to do new year's.  kids or no kids.  

and not the most vibrant, colorful meal, but RIDICULOUSLY delicious.  partly because, i didn't have to prepare it.  

SO lovely & relaxing.  

good food, good wine, GREAT laughs & even greater conversation with my favorite person on earth.  (again, refer to chef in above image.)

we polished off that wine quickly, feeling it, of course, new year's morning.  ouch.  ESPECIALLY when there are screaming tots to wake up to.  double ouch (insert various curse words.)

but my 3-year-old daughter decided she had to go to the bathroom at 5:30 am.  she usually sleeps until 7:30 & NEVER gets up to go to the bathroom during the night.  i heard her door open, her footsteps running down the hall & i BOLTED out of a dead, hungover sleep, fearing that she was going to be her usual, disruptive self & start the new year off right, waking everyone up in her tracks, starting with baby brother.  

again, i BOLTED out of bed to cut her off at the pass, to keep her from waking anyone else up.  THANKFULLY she was just heading straight for the toilet.  (and then i realized how dramatic i was being to RACE out of bed like that!  i need to give the girl more credit.  she's pretty independent & isn't ALWAYS naughty & disruptive.)

i met her in the bathroom, she's already sitting on the toilet, cute little jammy pants around her ankles, disheveled bob haircut in her eyes.  

"hi mom.  i had to go pee."

"yeah, i thought so.  good girl, getting up by yourself."

"thanks, mom."

"um, you know it's still night time though, right. . .?"  (oh yeah.  i'm not above lying to my kids at all, if it's for their own (my husband & my,) own good.)  

". . .yeah, it's still night time.  see?  it's dark outside still.  so, let's finish going potty & i'll tuck you back in."

"ok mommy."  and she's eyeing me up & down, like i've lost it.  and maybe i have.

in my post-new-year's-eve-crazy-drunkeness-with-my-husband (i mean, passing out in bed at 9:30 pm,) i neglected to put my OWN pajama pants on.  i'm standing in the bathroom, my OWN hair looking like cher's on a bad hair day, no pants-lance, but i have socks on?  

gross.  i know.  try and wipe THAT image from your mind's eye.

anyway, gracie's giving me the once-over, but nothing impresses nor suprises this 3-year-old.

she innocently asks, "mommy?  do a piroutte."

"ah, excuse me?  what?"

"do a piroutte."

????????  and when grace says, "do a piroutte,"  you just do it.  keep the peace.

so here i am, DOING piroutte's, IN my underwear, IN the bathroom, FOR my 3-year-old, NEW YEAR'S DAY at 5:30 IN the morning.


and she's smiling all the while, from the toilet seat, so impressed with my mad ballet skills, nevermind that's it's in my underwear & socks.  somebody call the director of flashdance.  

but smiling like this is the most fun she's had all week.  hey whatever it takes to get them back in bed for another hour.  i'll do it (provided no one gets hurt or they're not scarred for life.)


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Jenny said...

We did the same thing on New Year's Eve only with lobster. Hands down it was the best night of the past two weeks of holiday madness.

Happy New Year to the Westy's!

bel giorno photography said...

Happy new year to one of my bestest friends ever!!! I hope 2010 brings you all happiness and peace and health. Love you!!!


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