Sunday, December 20, 2009

seriously, the best medicine.  

brian (hubbie) & i LOVE to laugh.  

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to laugh.

makes us feel so good.  forget our worries, fears, frustration with the kids, our aches & pains, etc.  

brian has made it clear that his purpose (well, one of them,) in life, is to make me laugh.

it's not hard to do. . .i think everything is funny.

but to REALLY get me to laugh.  bust a gut, pee my pants, cry i'm laughing so hard.

that's the best.

and it's great medicine.

we were able to escape this weekend for a bit, to have lunch with old friends, who we rarely get to see, but LOVE spending time with.  we ALWAYS share so much laughter, as none of us have a filter, love to be obnoxious, drink & be merry.  THEY are great medicine too.  

we got some dirty stares from other (boring) patrons.  but you know what?  go on with your sad meals & uninteresting conversations.  life's too short.  

and don't sit next to us if you want a 'pleasant & peaceful meal.'  that's not how we roll.

SO fun.

here are some fun pics i did while i was recently in chicago, one of my most FAVORITE cities on earth.  

we took this beautiful tot to navy pier & just let her run.

enjoy!  and find someone to laugh with today!


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