aaaaahhhh, Christmas.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

now that snow is falling here in MN, am finally getting in to the Christmas spirit.  love it.  the kids all took GREAT naps today (which is rare, for all of them to sleep in the afternoon.)  
so i did too.  magical.  snuggling under the covers, falling asleep to the t.v. while snow falls softly outside.  who said being a SAHM wasn't luxurious???
(beautiful husband, if you're reading this, i can see you rolling your eyes at how easy' i've got it at home.:)  you know i don't.
actually, i think Christmas officially kicked off, not with the decorating of the tree & decorating the house (oh yeah, haven't even gotten to addressing of the Christmas cards or baking of the cookies,) but this past weekend, i was given the opportunity to capture images with santa, for our local 'high end' (as i like to call it,) 'specialty' grocery store, here in stillwater, kowalski's market.
it was SO fun!
let me just tell you, this santa (& i didn't catch his first name. . .wait, it was santa,) was the BEST, GREATEST, most PERFECT santa i've ever seen.  
straight from 'The Night Before Christmas'.
'his eyes-how they twinkled, his dimples, how merry!  his cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!  his droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow, and the beard on his chin was as white as the snow. . .'
seriously.  beautiful. 
i just wanted to ask him to our house for dinner.  he was SO great.  and not just 'physically'.
much to the dismay of many of the parents in line, i'm sure, he was kind, gentle & took his time with EACH child, from the little tots to the teens that 'kinda' wanted to talk to santa, but oh my gosh, how lame.  but they did anyway.  and he talked to them like they were adults & cuddled the babies & toddlers like they were his own children.
what a find.
and i had the pleasure & honor of capturing him sharing sweet moments with these children & was able to watch & capture him whispering in their ears, encouranging them to be kind & good to their annoying brothers & sisters, to their parents. . .
oh, so cool.
unfortunately, we didn't have much time for small talk, as the line was literally non-stop for the first 2 hours.  
great though, as i was able to capture some sweet images.  i took a lot of close-ups.  not your 'traditional' holiday photos with santa.  much more candid & well, again, close-up.  but i couldn't help myself.  i wanted to capture every wrinkle in his face & every strand of white in his beard (which was real.)  
here are some of my fave's.  enjoy!
(oh, & someone tell my husband that michael buble is coming to minneapolis & i think we should go!!!  hint, hint.)  

more images from santa's visit, if you attended, will be up on kowalski's website, by the end of the week.  click on 'oak park heights' location & look at the photo gallery.  if you see of of your baby(ies) & you'd like to order a high quality enlargement, shoot me an email at


BEES'NETTA said...

cute! he looks like a real santa!

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