what are YOU thankful for?

Friday, November 27, 2009

oh gosh.  SO much to be thankful for.
my babies.  
my loving, adoring, handsome, hilarious, hard-working husband.
my family.
my amazing friends.
my sanity.
oh wait.  scratch that one.  i don't have that anymore.  
speaking of, if you find it, bring it back to me!:)

i tried to give up coffee on tuesday, as part of 'mission muffin-top.'
not FOREVER, but just for 6 weeks.  
i'm sorry, not ready to part with you yet, coffee.
i love you too much.
but it was the longest day ever.
the kids felt the brunt of it, unfortunately, as i was LITERALLY in a coffee-detoxing fog, which caused WAY too much crabbiness on my part & lots of blow-ups at the kids.  i'm not going to lie.
and there it went, my sanity.
so i said to myself, 'this is dumb!  why would you do this to yourself & your family?  deprive yourself of something that brings you great joy, comfort & happiness???'
so i talked myself out of that silliness.
will just be SMARTER with my coffee-ordering decisions.  no foofy-mocha's.
a skinny latte will be just fine.  i can do it.
so i guess i'm also thankful for the ability to know 'when to say when.' 
to know who i am & what i'm capable of, even if it's something as small as trying to give up coffee.
(sip, sip.)
here are some recent pics of two, BEAUTIFUL little brothers.  
well, ALL the children i've photographed are beautiful.
but these 2 are ready for Christmas, sporting their red & green!



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