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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

i SWEAR my baby did 'the moonwalk' last night.  
i'm not even kidding.  
he's been walking for awhile now, trying to keep up with big bro & sis.
but not BACKWARDS!  
so, we had our weekly danceparty last night (what either my hubbie or i will do to entertain the kids if we're flying solo for the evening. . .i.e.  one of us has decided to leave the other with the children at the most TORTUROUS time of day, post dinner-time.)  ugh.
it's not torture, but after a long day, it can feel that way.  
ANYWAY.  dance party.  it's what we do to relieve stress & wear the kids out before bedtime.

crank up our current favorite tunes (right now, well, always, is beyonce, rihanna=my hubbie's, kevin rudolf, lady gaga. . .dance music.)
i look over at charlie & he's SHUFFLING BACKWARDS.  not walking, but LITERALLY sliding his feet along the floor, bending his knees & heading backwards!  he did that for about 20ft!  i just sat there in awe.
here's this little, just-a-few-weeks-past-1-year, all of 23 lbs. & 2 ft. tall, doing 'the moonwalk.'

MAN, i wish i'd caught that on tape! 
kids.  amazing.
speaking of, here are some of my fave's from a recent family fall session i did, with the most ADORABLE, brown-eyed beauties i've ever seen.  



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