"but i don't like being sticky!"

Thursday, November 5, 2009

kids.  are.  hilarious.

mine are, at least.

(they get it from their father.)

after, yet ANOTHER tumultuous morning with my 3-year-old daughter, (what i wouldn't give to have 3 consecutive hours of happiness & peace from her,) i, like most days, began counting the minutes until naptime.

and if she's not tired, the 'time-you-have-to-go-sit-&-your-room-&-be quiet-so-mommy-doesn't-kill-everyone' break.

and of course, naptime was a fight.  i sadly, walked out of her room without kissing her, hugging her, tucking her in, because i was THAT frustrated & angry about her behavior all day.  (my patience is usually worn thin by 2 pm.)

but i hate that.  that's not fair.  walking out without  'mending' things over,' or at least telling her i love her.  what a terrible way to go to sleep!  mommy mad at you!  

a friend of mine, also parenting a crazy 3-year-old, always says, "put yourself in THEIR shoes.  how would you feel, being this little person, still trying to figure things out, with this ADULT, always screaming in their face?!"  ugh.  how awful.

but i took the break.  she napped (as did the boys, who, i might add, are a CAKEWALK compared to her.)  but God bless her, she's so strong-willed & tough, i know we'll appreciate her tough attitude someday.

anyway,  i HAVE to be the bigger person.  because i am.  and because i'm her mother & she adores me.  

so, i went in to her room when i heard her waking up.  i grabbed her, pulled her onto my lap & before i could even say anything, she says, "mommy?  i'm sorry to yow (yell) at you.  (she can't pronounce her L's yet.  :)  but sometimes you make me mad."  

seriously, are you really 3???

anyway, i responded, "gracie, it's just you & me.  you're my baby girl.  my ONLY girl.  there's only the 2 of us.  the rest of our family is boys.  SO, we need to stick together & be a team."

she responds, "but mommy?!  i don't WANT to be sticky!"


they always know how to make you laugh when you need it most.

here are some recent pics of ANOTHER beautiful 3-year-old, i just adore.  and her JUST as adorable big brother & family.  love them. 


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