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Friday, October 23, 2009

i'm a little embarrassed to share this. wait. no i'm not. i don't get embarrassed. rarely. hard to embarrass me. i'm more like, "wow. do you really want to share this info?" yes. yes i do. because it's hilarious & i LOVE to laugh. my hubbie LIVES to hear me laugh, so try's every chance he gets (which, is why he IS so funny.) but i've become a tough customer in that department. partly because when HE sees me, i'm disheveled, exhausted, angry at the world, trying to cook dinner, screaming kids everywhere. . .AAAAAAGGHHHH! just TRY & make me laugh. but he always does.

ANYWHO, this boy is SOOOOOOOO lucky he's cute. when they look this good, they can get away with ANYTHING. charm the pants of a nun, this boy.

so jack says to me as we snuggled on the couch, (for all of 2 minutes this morning,)

"Mommy? You're tummy is just so soft & pillowy & cozy. i just want to take a nap on it."

seriously? did you really just say that? soft & pillowy? don't laugh. don't judge. (i did giggle, because i know he didn't mean to hurt my feelings & i LOVE knowing that i'm cozy enough to take a nap on.)

but we all know moms (well, most of us, anyway,) that GONE are the days of rock hard abs (which, actually, i've never really had.) but a nice, flat stomach. . .non-existent. i'm o.k. with that. i have three beautiful babies to justify what i have left over. breastfeeding & chasing toddlers can only get you so far. you have to EARN the rest off!

but THEN (as if that wasn't damaging enough,) during a photo shoot with my dad later today, getting pics of his latest masterpieces for his website,, he proceeds to poke my belly & says, "LIZ! YOU'RE NOT EXPECTING AGAIN, ARE YOU? HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING THIS FROM MOM & I?"

asdfkjasdljflskdjglkjawelkjewrlkjaerj??? (that was a curse in my head.)

again, i don't take that stuff too personally. i made a little wince, giggled & replied, "no dad. just too many muffins. not enough sit-ups."

omg. BACK. TO. GUNNAR. ( this is enough now. TWO comments in one day, about the cute little 'belly' i'm sporting? it's cute, if there's a baby in it. which there IS NOT. wake up call! (now, not to justify the belly, but i REALLY wasn't wearing the most flattering outfit. i can normally hide my 'leftovers' pretty well. but i shouldn't have to hide.

gunnar, i'll be seeing you in the a.m. blood-shot eyes, belly, prickly legs & all. bring it. good-bye muffins, hello abs of steel. (well, i'll start monday, of course.)


babs said...

Oh geeze.. dad always makes those lame comments....
That's usually when I poke back and ask him how many oreo's and coke-a-cola's he had for breakfast.

gabbygrace said...

LOL LOL LOL!!! Liz you are one funny chick! What I love is you are SO right we are all, comfy to take a nap on!!! We are mommy's now, not hot 20 y/o's aren't you just sad we didn't appreciate it more when we were 20! :)

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