'you should be a cheerleader.'

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ok. those near & dear to me, know that i would secretly, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be a dancer. a back-up dancer. for, oh, let's say, justin timberlake. i'm not kidding. don't laugh. my sisters & i all LOVE to dance. no, we're not THAT great, but we know how to move! we've got a little 'ghetto girl' in us.

instead, i took the road much-more-likely-to-travel-and-succeed-at-than-back-up-dancer-for-JT. the road i'm referring to, would be, wife, mom, breastfeeding, un-showered, screeching at the kids, crabby at the husband, overwhelmed, bloodshot eyes from lack of sleep. . .oh man, this list unfortunately goes ON!

needless to say, i missed that ORIGINAL calling. to dance. or maybe not?

this morning, my 5-year-old says to me, "mommy? what's your favorite sport?" (and then i go off to lala land in my head, wondering what sport i'd be playing professionally if i didn't have children & a husband to think of.) "HOCKEY!" i blurt out! (and i totally would. fun to watch, but even more fun to play. . .at least, i can imagine it would be. you get to (kind of,) beat people up, LEGALLY! and all on skates! i'm in. so, again, "hockey, jack. mommy'd play hockey."

he responds, "well then, mommy. you can be a hockey cheerleader someday!!! when you're 48!"

i laughed out loud, because, well yes, that's EXACTLY what i had envisioned for myself at 48. stuffing my stretch mark-clad thighs, baby-birthing hips & TOTALLY deflated breasts from years of breastfeeding (what a lovely picture, right?) in to a tight little cheerleading uniform, which, let's be real, is not cheerleading anymore, but DANCING on the sidelines.

but i also laughed, because poor jack doesn't understand yet, that girls actually PLAY hockey. he'll learn soon enough.

where do these kids come up with this stuff?! but keep it comin' because it's HILARIOUS! and, takes me out of my crazy head, daydreaming of all the other things i should, could, would be doing, but laughing, at how silly that life would be & really soaking up the life i chose, my babies, my love, my family.

so, maybe THAT much more beautiful girl above, will be a cheerleader, or a dancer. and if so, i'll live vicariously through HER! that's one our jobs as parents, right? to fulfill our OWN dreams through our children? KIDDING. i wouldn't do that. besides, for my baby girl, (enjoying the first snow fall for MN this year,) she's more likely to become the latter, the hockey player. and i'll be there on the sidelines, a cheerleader.


bel giorno photography said...

You are hysterical, not only are you an awesome friend, wife and mother you are natural born writer and now I find out your a good dancer too. I hate you.

Unknown said...

you totally crack me up. and, i am calling JT right now to get you in for an audition. the one thing you didn't know about me is that i am a back up dancer for him. so, he'll be calling you shortly. b will have to cheer for jack in the cheerleading uniform when he is 48. we'll be in cali together. dancing.

BEES'NETTA said...

Gracie is totally going to grow up and be the hockey player!

I love the background!

Kristin said...

Love the blog Liz!!! You are too cute!

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