sing it, girl.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i have a new lullaby to sing my baby to sleep.

oh yeah. i'm not above singing hip hop to my baby. i love it.

check out this saucy new vid from one of my favorite artists

AND, i have to say. after the ROUGH day i had trying to discipline my 3-year-old (& they just keep coming with her,) throwing on my headphones while i clean up the kitchen for the 47th time today, is sometimes just the therapy i need. shakin' what my momma' gave me, in the kitchen, while all the kids are screaming around me.

i'm sorry, were you screaming something at me? what was that? excuse me? can't here you. headphones are in. mommy's singing.

try it sometime. it's magical.

thank you, beyonce.


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