i made it! 1-year-old, baby!

Monday, October 19, 2009

look how far you've come?! in just one year! a year is a blink, really. a year is nothing, in the grand scheme of things. yet SO much can happen in a year. i'm definitely a different mother than i was a year ago. not necessarily a better mother, but getting there. we grow, as they do. and that time, from the moment we welcome them in to the world, in my case with this little guy, after 12 hours of intense labor (which is b.s., by the way, because he was my 3rd and should've just fallen out, right???) not so much. but with this little guy, taking his sweet time to enter the world, but screaming & happy when he finally did (ugh. i CRAVE that beautiful moment sometimes. crazy right?) anyway, & now. here. walking already, screaming, giggling, drinking from a sippy cup. . .celebrating his FIRST BIRTHDAY yesterday. oh. if we could just hit rewind. but WHAT. A. BLESSING. although the first birthday is so joyous, it is so surreal for me & so sad. just means my babies are growing up. i don't like that. but again, one of those things that are out our control.

so, happy birthday to you, my little love.

and of course, happy anniversary, to 'my love,' brian. (yes, charlie was born on our anniversary.) 6 years have gone by WAY too fast. but how blessed & beautiful they've been. i love you.


bel giorno photography said...

Oh happy bithday little guy. what a lucky and blessed life you have with Liz as your mommy!!!

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