i heart photography. . .and this is why. . .

Thursday, October 15, 2009

i heart photography. I. LOVE. PHOTOGRAPHY. we have the ability (with camera's,) to capture sweet moments like this. simple, real, life moments. like my 2 oldest peanuts, the last days of summer (yes, i'm STILL posting about & longing for summer, CURSING the fact that we've already had TWO days of snow & it's not even halloween yet! i'm SO angry about that. i DETEST winter. but what are you going to do? we live here. suck it up, liz.) i digress.

but this pic, a moment captured on a PERFECT summer evening, i think, the 2 of them were devising a plan on 'how can we get mom to let us stay just FIVE more minutes?' but also, capturing the details of the moment. . .the soft sand, buckets & shovels thrown aside so they could do one last 'run & jump' in to the water. . .and of course, the sweet hot air balloons in the background. perfect. this moment captured & frozen forever. and all because we have camera's. amazing.

and why i've always been in love & obsessed with the art of photography & what it gives to us, as humans. . .never-to-be-had again moments, PRICELESS moments in our lives, recorded to share for those that follow close behind. of course, everyone loves a good pic. but not like i do. i look at pictures & TRULY see the beauty in each moment, even if it's a crappy picture!

but when it comes to CAPTURING a special moment, i can do it. i can see it. i see MOST things, view MOST things from the eye of a camera (whether i actually have the camera up to my face or not.) i actually SEE each moment from a lens. weird, huh? but that's how i record things in my head. no, i don't have a photographic memory. if i did, i think i'd be a much more intelligent woman! no, i just have moments, memories, MEMORIZED.

anyway, where i'm going with this, is i've always had a difficult time explaining why i love photography so much, what the VALUE in it is. we, photographers, know the value, which is why we do what we do :) but to explain that to those that DON'T appreciate it or enjoy it as much, is a challenge. but maybe this will help.

i received one of the SWEETEST notes/most kind words i've ever received from anyone, from a lovely young woman today. it brought me to tears. my hubbie always jokes that i'm a 'praise whore.' oh! i TOTALLY am. i won't deny. i don't know why. . .we'll get in to that another time. :) but as a woman/mom/wife/photographer, i'm CONSTANTLY looking for validation. . .to know & hear that i AM good enough! i DO know what i'm doing. what i do IS VALUABLE, whether others see it that way or not.

but this note. . .not even from a loyal client, but someone who just saw a little, of some of my work. referring to my best work, pictures of my own family, she said, "There really are stories in all them (my photos.) You can't just look at them & say, 'Oh, that's so & so.' The photos are like fingerprints, like identities."

AMEN, sista'! :) they are. and that's how i've always SEEN photos, whether of my own babies or someone else's. they are peoples' lives lived & remembered. there's nothing more amazing to me. which is why, i have the greatest job in the world. thank you again, for that. :)


BEES'NETTA said...

This shot is me new favorite Westerhaus photo.

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