watch out! liz is blogging.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i said i would NEVER buy one of those 'cell phone thingy's.' NEVER buy something so horrendous as a mini-van. and more recently, NEVER start a blog. how annoying, those blogs. people bragging about themselves, their families, their accomplishments, their next big trip. no way, not me. my life is MY life.

and here i am. toting the newest & greatest iphone, driving my SAAWWEEETTT mini-van & now blogging (bragging.) never say never. i love to write, love to vent, love to brag, love to complain. . .why not do it online for the whole world to see?!

more than anything, i want to display my passion, my work, my photography. here's where you can see all of that.

f.y.i. when you get to know me better, you know i hold nothing back. as much as i love to listen, i love to talk, wear my heart on my sleeve, tell stories & curse like a sailor. no apologies for that. it's who i am. so enjoy what you read & pay no mind to the 'potty talk.'

enjoy reading & checking out my latest work!


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